How do I care for my ironwork?

We make our own special formulated sealant that works great for us (and smells amazing, too).  We use this on all of our hand forged ironwork.  Ingredients: natural beeswax and linseed oil plus one secret ingredient.  You'll see your iron decor keep that "wrought iron" look for many years if you continue to reapply as needed.

To care for your new hand forged iron which has been finished with the oil/wax, all you need to do is rub down the metal with a clean cloth. Rub it down until you do not get any more oil to come off. This will prevent any oil from rubbing off onto your clothing or towels. To maintain, we ask that you apply a new coat of oil/wax to your ironwork once a year. After you hand-rub the oil/wax on, wait 30 minutes. After it has cured, you simply get a clean cloth and rub it down until no more oil comes off. This will protect it from the elements for quite some time. Thank you for TAKING CARE OF your hand forged ironwork.

If you are keeping your iron decor outside: give it a nice rub down every month or so and you will see no rust.

If you are keeping your iron decor inside: rub down every 6-10 months or so, depending on how much moisture it is exposed to.

You can purchase our oil by clicking on the button above.  Only $10 for a 2 oz tin, and it lasts a long, long time. Free S&H.